Goat Milk Soap

Our goat milk soap uses basic ingredients to make a luxurious, creamy, natural bar of real soap, avoiding the detergents and chemicals found in “cleansing bars” (which are not legally allowed to be called “soap”). Soap, real soap, is the end product when oils and sodium hydroxide, in precise proportion, undergo the chemical process of saponification.

Soap ButtonOur soap is made from combinations of coconut oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, and olive oil. Add the moisturising benefits of our own goat milk (Nigerian Dwarf goat milk has the highest fat percentage of all goat milk, on average), with modern, elegant scent and visual design, and you have a bar of soap that is a pleasure for the senses. Just don’t eat it!

Making soap with goat milk can be tricky, and there are lots of ways for it to go wrong. Many soapmakers mitigate the potential pitfalls by using part water / part goat milk in their recipe, adding water to the sodium hydroxide and the milk at the end of the process. I want to get as much conditioning goat milk in each bar as I can, so I don’t use any water at all, just patience and care. Is your goat milk soap as goat milky as it can be? Ours is.

In addition to the soaps offered in our store (click big, black button above right), we offer custom-made soaps, by the loaf (10 bars), or in even larger orders, tailored to your event. See below and contact me at duagwyn@icloud.com with details.

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