Dragonfly RY Philosophia 1*M

Sire: Caesar’s Villa BB Rebel Yell *S (Caesar’s Villa FL Brat in Barn *S x ARMCH Caesar’s Villa STS Suthrn Bell 2*D)
Dam: Dragonfly IH Paloma (PromisedLand Incredible Hunk *S x SM3Pines Jur-En’s Snowbird)

DOB: 05.27.13
Black with extensive white and white poll, frosting
Extended pedigree at bottom of page

Tested CAE negative 06.07.14

Sophia is one of our original girls and our herd queen; her sire is also sire to the 2011 National Champion doe, Dragonfly RY Topaz. She is the matriarch of our “red line”; her progeny here are all marked by wearing Sophia’s red collar.

On her third freshening after kidding quints, I got my act together, and Sophia will finally get the milk star she’s been earning all along. We have three Sophia girls here: Zoe (2*M pending), Hermione (pictured here with her dam, left), and Theia. Sophia will be getting 2017 off; she’s earned a rest.

Sophia has a lovely udder to milk but is a right pain in the butt. Her paternal grandsire would be proud.





1411 Sophia at 1.831309 Goats smDragonfly RY Philosophia


Show Record

2014: 1x JCH (Altamont Doe Show)



05.01.16 (3rd): QUINTS, two bucks, three does, by Dragonfly NT Nicholas Nickelby (see Theia)
06.07.15 (2nd) 
Single doeling by Dragonfly SB Gjallar (see Hermione)
09.26.14 (1st):
Buck | doe twins by Dragonfly HFX Aragorn. (see: Zoe, 2*M pending)


Milk Test

3rd lactation: quints (2016) (requirements for dairy star in parenthesis)
Total weight: 765lbs (628lbs)
Total butterfat: 57lbs (22lbs)
Total protein: 32lbs (19lbs)
Days in milk:  305 (305)
Average % butterfat | protein: 7.5 | 4.2

2nd lactation: single (2015) (requirements for dairy star in parenthesis)*
Total weight: 452lbs (600lbs)
Total butterfat: 31lbs (21lbs)
Total protein: 20lbs (18lbs)
Days in milk: 248 (305)
Average % butterfat | protein: 6.9 | 4.4

*dried off early intentionally, to prepare for next kidding


extended pedigree

Pedigree Sophia

* Our extended pedigrees track the three sires which are most influential on our herd.
Yellow = GCH Dawnland Tabby’s Halifax
Blue = Irish Whisper Harry Potter
Red = Flat Rocks Gem +B+S*


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