DRAGONFLY NT Quality of Mercy 3*M

Sire: Dragonfly HLU Nikola Tesla (Dragonfly HFX Hallucination x Dragonfly IH Electra *D AR)
Dam: Dragonfly RY Bombay (Caesar’s Villa BB Rebel Yell *S x CH Dragonfly HFX Abyssinian 2*D)

DOB: 07.16.13
Black with white poll
Extended pedigree at bottom of page

Tested CAE negative 10.03.14

Portia was our appraiser’s favourite in our Young Livestock linear appraisal in June 2014. He praised her length, dairyness, femininity, and overall correctness. She is matriarch of our “purple line”, and dam to HaloLucy, and Tink.

Portia had an exceptionally difficult kidding in March of 2017, and is officially Do Not Breed. She will enjoy her retirement here with her daughters Halo, Lucy, and Tink.

1407 Portia sm

NikolaRS5_14     BombaySVU4_14

Photos courtesy of Joanne Karohl, Dragonfly Farm



IMG_14971404 Portia and NickPortia kid pic



03.20.17 (3rd): Quints, again. Two bucks, three does,, by Dragonfly SB Gryffindor (see Tink)
03.24.16 (2nd): Quints! Three bucks, two does, by Flat Rocks Mister Darcy (see Lucy)
03.17.15 (1st): buck/doe twins, by Dragonfly NT Nicholas Nickleby.(see: Halo)



3rd lactation: quints (2017)
Portia was immediately dried off to aid her recovery from a difficult kidding.

2nd lactation: quints (2016) (requirements for dairy star in parenthesis)**
Total weight: 416lbs (620lbs)
Total butterfat: 28lbs (22lbs)
Total protein: 20lbs (19lbs)
Days in milk: 242 (305)
Average % butterfat | protein: 6.7 | 4.8

1st lactation: twins (2015) (requirements for dairy star in parenthesis)*
Total weight: 625lbs (600lbs)
Total butterfat: 39lbs (21lbs)
Total protein: 27lbs (18lbs)
Days in milk: 305 (305)
Average % butterfat | protein: 6.3| 4.4

* dried off early intentionally to prepare for next kidding
** results greatly decreased by lactation-long, undetected subclinical mastitis


extended pedigree

Pedigree Portia

* Our extended pedigrees track the three sires which are most influential on our herd.
Yellow = GCH Dawnland Tabby’s Halifax
Blue = Irish Whisper Harry Potter
Red = Flat Rocks Gem +B+S


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