Duagwyn NN The Halo Effect 2*M

Sire:  Dragonfly NT Nicholas Nickelby (Dragonfly HLU Nikola Tesla  x Dragonfly HLU Minerva)
Dam: Dragonfly NT Quality of Mercy 1*M (Dragonfly HLU Nikola Tesla x Dragonfly RY Bombay)

DOB: 03.17.15
Black with white poll
Extended pedigree at bottom of page

Halo is a very close linebreeding on Dawnland Tabby’s Halifax; she kidded for the first time on 05.02.16, with quints, for crying out loud. One boy was so big, he couldn’t exit naturally, so, off to the vet we went. Miss Halo was safely (if dramatically) relieved of three live kids, plus the little peanut that I managed to get out at home. She has recovered beautifully, but I felt she was surely retired, and would remain here as a pet. Our vet voiced concern that she might never settle again.

Scaramouche had other ideas. Halo is confirmed bred to kid on or about August 08, 2017. My vet assures me she’s up for it. I can’t help but be thrilled; hers may well be the best udder in the herd.




08.08.17 (2nd): , by Flat Rocks Scaramouche
05.02.16 (1st):
QUINTS. Three bucks, two does, by Flat Rocks Mister Darcy.



1st lactation: quints (2016) (requirements for dairy star in parenthesis)
Total weight: 798lbs (600lbs)
Total butterfat: 58lbs (21lbs)
Total protein: 36lbs (18lbs)
Days in milk: 305 (305)
Average % butterfat | protein: 7.3 | 4.5



Pedigree Halo
* Our extended pedigrees track the three sires which are most influential on our herd.
Yellow = GCH Dawnland Tabby’s Halifax
Blue = Irish Whisper Harry Potter
Red = Flat Rocks Gem +B+S

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