Sire: Dragonfly HLU Nikola Tesla (Dragonfly HFX Hallucination x Dragonfly IH Electra *D AR)
Dam: Sunnydale Farm ZM Cinnamon (Algedi Farm Mr Zen Moon x AGS Dill’s FH Wop Bam Boom)

DOB: 07.11.13
Black with white, white poll
Extended pedigree at bottom of page

Tested CAE negative 10.03.14

Penelope is another lovely daughter of Dragonfly HLU Nikola Tesla; she impressed our 2014 appraiser with her legs, shoulder assembly and feminine appearance. She is a long, leggy girl.

Penelope is the matriarch of our “blue line”, dam to Andi and Cyd, granddam to Rogue and Six, great granddam to Boomer. She is also our herd milk machine. She just polevaulted over the requirements for all three components of her dairy star…halfway through her second lactation (see below). On her third lactation, she joined the Half Ton Club (1,000+ milk within 305 days) and is still milking well in the 16th month of the lactation. She was almost a year post-kidding when she was appraised in August, with VVEV87.

1406 Penelope sm




IMG_2861IMG_15031410 Penelope smPenelope kid pic



09.11.17 (3rd): Quads, one buck, three does, by Dragonfly NT Nicholas Nickleby (see Cyd)
02.15.16 (2nd):
Quads, two bucks, two does, by Flat Rocks Mister Darcy (see Andi)
02.26.15 (1st): Triplet does, by Dragonfly SB Gryffindor. (see: Emma)


linear appraisal

2018: VVEV87 (stale)
V+V, V (Young Livestock)


Milk test

3rd lactation: quads (2016) (requirements for dairy star in parenthesis)*
305 days (still in milk at 10.20.18):
Total weight: 1,059lbs (630lbs)
Total butterfat: 74lbs (22lbs)
Total protein: 47lbs (19lbs)
Days in milk: 305 (305)
Average % butterfat | protein: 7.0 | 4.4

2nd lactation: quads (2016) (requirements for dairy star in parenthesis)*
Total weight: 955lbs (618lbs)
Total butterfat: 71lbs (22lbs)
Total protein: 43lbs (19lbs)
Days in milk: 242 (305)
Average % butterfat | protein: 7.4 | 4.5

1st lactation: trips (2015) (requirements for dairy star in parenthesis)*
Total weight: 912lbs (600lbs)
Total butterfat: 59lbs (21lbs)
Total protein: 39lbs (18lbs)
Days in milk: 297 (305)
Average % butterfat | protein: 6.5 | 4.3

* dried off early intentionally to prepare for next kidding


extended pedigree


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