Senior Does

I love all my goats, and the babies are fantastic, but I love my mommies the best. I’ve been in goats just long enough now that I’ve seen a baby I helped birth grow up and have her own, and it is magic.

I made the decision to pull all new babies born here from their mothers at birth, and raise them on the bottle, which has raised some eyebrows. It may not be “natural”, but there are many benefits, not the least of which is that our babies which go to new homes do so without crying or stress, bonding almost immediately to their new humans, as little lap goats. Our mamas don’t cry for them when they leave, weaning is much less painful for all involved, and milk production is maximised. For me, the first is the most important.

I commune with my mommies twice a day, every day, up on the milking stand. We have good talks, and each one is a friend with her own charms and quirks. As much as I love my babies, I can’t help imagining them as grown girls, bonding with me daily on the milkstand, in the not-too-distant future….


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