03.19.17: NickNick x Lucy (Dragonfly NT Nicholas Nickelby x Duagwyn MD Bride of Lammermoor)

Twins. One buck, one doeling.

Last year, Lucy took her reproduction into her own hooves, getting herself knocked up on the DL at the tender age of seven months. I figured all that out with 20/20 hindsight, as Lucy was (surprise!) delivered of one enormous buck, three days before she turned one year old. I am so excited to see what she will produce when she has a, you know, planned kidding, at a, you know, mature age. I’m so fond of Halo’s conformation (Nick x Portia) that I wondered…what if I breed Nick to a Portia daughter? Let’s find out! As a side temptation, Lucy is silver and Nick is pale gold. MIght I get Sunni’s Flat Rock platinum, that rare colour that is both silver and gold? Let’s find out!

I didn’t get a chance to establish Lucy’s naming convention last year, what with the doelessness; this year, I’m ready. Lucy, the famous Scottish literary heroine, will have keeper daughters named after our favourite single malt scotches.THis year (I hope!), our very favourite…Duagwyn NN Aberlour (“Abby”).

Pedigree Abby


03.26.18: Moosh x Emma (Flat Rocks Scaramouche x Duagwyn GR Emma Peel 2*M)

Trips. Three bucks.

I am a huge fan of Emma’s, but she does push the stick. We haven’t seen a Moosh udder yet, but he is a lovely compact little man. I’m ready for his signature cou patterns to come out of Emma, so I have a name ready. Emma’s naming convention is badass women of science fiction: Duagwyn MD River Song, DUagwyn MD Rogue One, Duagwyn NN Caprica Six, so…given the black eye mask I can expect one way or another, I’m planning on either Duagwyn SC Phoenix or Duagwyn SC Dark Phoenix.

Emma’s been giving me three big babies per kidding and is already looking broad across the beam. Maybe more and smaller this time, huh?!

Pedigree Phoenix


04.24.18: Moosh x Rogue (Flat Rocks Scaramouche x Duagwyn MD Rogue One)

Trips. One buck, two doelings.

Okay, okay. I’m not supposed to breed for colour. But have you seen the silver cou blanc buck these two put together last year?! STUNNING. I’d like one of those in girl, please.

Rogue earned her dairy star on her (very brief) first lactation, cut short to help her prepare for her second freshening; she earned her star in butterfat in half the allowed time. She earned it, but she won’t get it, because I’m lame and didn’t get a verification test done. It should be a snap this time, our very first 3*M.

I really liked her first udder. It’s very well attached on a large area and her teats have lovely wide orifices, a snap to hand milk; in addition to his signature general style, Darcy improved teat size and orifices on Rogue’s dam. I’m excited to see what she does this time.

Rogue’s naming convention is my favourite fictional spacecraft: first up…Firefly’s Serenity.

Pedigree Serenity


04.25 or 05.12: NickNick x Andi (Dragonfly NT Nicholas Nickelby x Duagwyn MD Andromeda Rising)

Twins. Two bucks.

Last year, I bred Penelope to her half-brother Nick, to get Cyd. This year, I’m breeding Nick to Penelope’s daughter by Darcy, Andi. I’d almost despaired that Andi would ever understand the whole breeding thing, but I do believe she’s finally got it. Due to family concerns, I won’t be keeping a doeling from this breeding. If Andi gets anything resembling her dam’s enormous production, I may live to regret this act of uncharacteristic self-disciplined moderation.

Pedigree NN x Andi


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