02.27.17: Darcy x Zoe (Flat Rocks Mister Darcy x Duagwyn ARG Empress Zoe)

Zoe knocked me flat with her first freshened teats and attachments; they are spectacular. I am very much looking forward to see what a second freshening will do for her capacity. Even with her modest capacity, Zoe earned her milk star in both butterfat and protein, and missed the total pounds benchmark by only 14 pounds. She milked well beyond 305 days, and had to be deliberately dried off so she could rest up for this next kidding, all on her first freshening. Darcy should add elegance and style, as he always seems to do. Silver or buckskin with white expected. Maybe even…silver buckskin?

02.25.17: triplets | two bucks (one sold, one available as wether), one doe (retained)

Does: $500      Wethers: $100

Pedigree Darcy x Zoe


03.04.17: Gryff x Hermione (Dragonfly SB Gryffindor x  Duagwyn GJ Hermione)

This is a tight linebreeding on Flat Rocks Sirius Black; he is sire to both Gryff and Hermione’s sire, Dragonfly SB Gjallar. This breeding should produce depth, width, and overall substance; we’ll see if Hermione gets her dam’s and maternal sister’s fantastic teats. Gold with white, or black with white expected.

03.06.17: triplets | two bucks (one stillborn, wether sale pending), one doe (available as pet)

Doe: $100    Wether: $100         

Pedigree Gryff x Hermione


03.18.17: Gryff x Portia (Dragonfly SB Gryffindor x  Dragonfly NT Quality of Mercy)

I hadn’t planned to breed Portia this year, but she bounced back so beautifully from her quints last year, I changed my mind. I love Emma so much, I couldn’t resist seeing what Gryff would produce with Portia, Penelope’s half-sister. Portia earned her dairy star last year, but it wasn’t a fair test of her potential. She was affected by undiagnosed sub-clinical mastitis from the very beginning of her lactation, and her production suffered greatly, as a result. I can’t wait to see what she can really do on this, her third lactation. Gold/ginger and black kids expected.

Does: $500    Wethers: $100    

03.20.17: quints | two bucks (one stillborn, one sold), three does (one stillborn, one available, one retained)

Pedigree GR x Portia


06.01.17: Nick x Lucy (Dragonfly NT Nicholas Nickleby x Duagwyn MD Bride of Lammermoor)

Update: Oops. Seems Lucy got her breeding a whole lot earlier than I had planned, and through the buck yard fencing, to boot. Little hussy.

This breeding is, essentially, Halo, but with Darcy in the middle. Rather than breed Nick to his half-sister Portia (which produced Halo), he’ll be bred to Portia’s daughter by Darcy. Halo’s udder is capacious, well-shaped, and milkable, with beautiful teats; I’m hoping this breeding will produce a similar mammary system. Silver and gold kids expected…and maybe silver AND gold?

Does: $400    Wethers: $100

03.21.17: single | one great big buck (sold as wether)      

Pedigree Nick x Lucy



03.23.17: Nick x Zuzu (Dragonfly NT Nicholas Nickleby x Duagwyn GR Zuzu’s Petals)

This is a linebreeding on Dragonfly IH Electra, Nick’s sire’s dam and Zuzu’s maternal great granddam. Will Zuzu have her mother’s spectacular teats? I sure hope so. This is a gold over gold breeding; more specifically, it is a platinum over ginger breeding. All colours are possible…as long as they’re gold.

Does: $400    Wethers: $100

03.21.17: triplets | three bucks (all sold, as wethers)

F Pedigree NIck x Zuzu


03.31.17: Nick x Emma (Dragonfly NT Nicholas Nickleby x Duagwyn GR Emma Peel)

Emma earned her dairy star handily on her first lactation, and it’s a not-so-secret secret that I’m madly in love with her girl by Darcy, Rogue. This is another “half-brother to half-sister breeding with an outcross in between” breeding (see Nick x Lucy), only this time, the half-sister is Penelope and the outcross was to Gryff (another Irish Whisper Harry Potter grandson), which produced Emma. Hoping for some improvement in teat size. Gold or black kids expected.

Does: $500

03.21.17: triplets | three does (one available, one sold, one retained)

Pedigree NN x Emma


08.08.17: Moosh x Halo (Flat Rocks Scaramouche x Duagwyn NN The Halo Effect)

This is an outcross. It will also be my first experience with the cou pattern. Cou blanc and black babies probable.

Does: $500    Wethers: $100

Pedigree SC x Halo

08.09.17: QUINTS. AGAIN. | three bucks (all available), two does (one retained, one sale pending)


08.05.17: Moosh x Rogue (Flat Rocks Scaramouche x Duagwyn MD Rogue One)

A close linebreeding on Harry Potter, with even more Harry Potter via Gryff. Silver possible.

Does: $400    Wethers: $100

Pedigree SC x Rogue


08.04.17: single buck (available as wether)


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