Emma’s trips

05.22.16: Trips: one buckling and two doelings, out of Duagwyn GR Emma Peel, by Flat Rocks Mister Darcy.

After three sets of quints in a row, and given Emma’s incredible size, I feared the worst. I actually used my birthday wish to ask for an easy delivery of a reasonable number of babies. I was frightened for my precious Emma, especially given what Halo had been through.

Well, she only had three, but they’re the three biggest babies I ever saw. I guess I should have been more specific. I am so in love with their mother, I decided to keep both girls. Now, if I could only tell them apart…

H23, black buckling, for sale as wether, $100. H24: silver doeling, retained (see River).

image     image

H25: silver doeling, retained (see Rogue).


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