01.02.16: Gryff x Zoe (Dragonfly SB Gryffindor x  Duagwyn ARG Empress Zoe)

Our first homebred-girl kidding! Zoe is so pretty and square, I can’t wait to see what she produces, and if her udder lives up to her mama’s, she will be special, indeed. These will be bottle babies (as will all our 2016 babies), gold or buckskin with white, with a possibility of black and white. Zoe will be on milk test, and, if she’s anything like her mama, will get her star in short order.

01.04.16: triplets | two bucks (sold), one doe (retained)

Does: $400    Wethers: $100         



02.12.16: Darcy x Penelope (Flat Rocks Mister DarcyDragonfly NT Penelope Waits *M pending)

Got milk? Penelope does! Penelope earned her milk star on all three components in just the first seven months of her first lactation. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next time. These will be our first Mister Darcy babies, so they should be elegant, with a little less height than Miss Penelope, our supermodel. Silver or black babies expected, with white.

Quads | two bucks (both sold), two black does (one sold; one retained)

TDoes: $500    Bucks: $300    Wethers: $100



03.22.16: Darcy x Portia (Flat Rocks Mister Darcy x Dragonfly NT Quality of Mercy *M pending)

Portia earned her milk star on two components in only six months of her first lactation, and was favoured by the judges at the Altamont Doe Show in 2015. She was also the favourite of our appraiser in her Young Livestock Appraisal in 2014 (VVVV). These kids should be very elegant and well underheight. Silver or black kids expected.

QUINTS | three bucks (two silver, both sold, one black, available), two does: (one silver, retained, one black, available)

Does: $500    Bucks: $300       Wethers: $100



04.25.16: NickNick x Sophia (Dragonfly NT Nicholas Nickleby x Dragonfly RY Philosophia)

This will be Sophia’s third freshening, and, with any luck at all, the lactation that earns her milk star. We weren’t on milk test for her impressive first lactation, and her beautiful udder was just a little small this second lactation, as she only had a single kid (Hermione). With the best teats in the herd, I am excited to see what she will show us in 2016. NickNick will bring added elegance to her kids. Gold or black kids with white expected.

Does: $450     Wethers: $100           



05.03.16: Darcy x Halo (Flat Rocks Mister Darcy x Duagwyn NN The Halo Effect)

I tripled up on Dragonfly HFX Hallucination when I planned Halo’s breeding; now it’s time to see what that means. Halo’s parents are my two most elegant goats, and Halo is a mini-me of her dam, including her shy personality. Will she have her mom’s great teats and high butterfat? Halo will be our first Nick daughter to freshen, and we’ll see if that translates to a lovely Dragonfly HLU Minerva-influenced udder. Silver or black kids with white expected.

Does: $400    Wethers: $100



05.24.16: Darcy x Emma (Flat Rocks Mister Darcy x Duagwyn GR Emma Peel)

Emma, Emma, Emma. I love this pretty, passionate, mouthy little girl. Her mother’s astonishing capacity plus her paternal granddam’s outstanding foreudder attachments? Yes, please! Breeding Darcy to both mother and daughter will show me a lot about Gryff (the variable), and Emma will be our first Gryff daughter to freshen here. As with all our lactating does, she’ll be on milk test, so maybe she’ll get Gryff started on his +B. Silver or black kids with white expected.

Does: $400    Wethers: $100




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