DUAGWYN NN Caprica Six

Sire: Dragonfly NT Nicholas Nickelby (Dragonfly HLU Nikola Tesla  x Dragonfly HLU Minerva)
 Duagwyn GR Emma Peel 2*M (Dragonfly SB Gryffindor x Dragonfly NT Penelope Waits 1*M)

DOB: 03.31.17
Gold and white, with white poll
Extended pedigree at bottom of page

Emma gave me three blond girls so alike, I needed to clip the hair on their front feet to tell them apart. Temporarily named Marcia, Jan, and Cindy, I eventually retained Cindy, now Six.

This is a second-generation tight linebreeding on Dawnland Tabby’s Halifax; Emma’s dam, Penelope, and Nick are half brother and sister, both by Dragonfly HLU Nikola Tesla, with Gryff in the mix (Emma’s sire) for outcross vigor and width.




extended pedigree

Pedigree Six

* Our extended pedigrees track the three sires which are most influential on our herd.
Yellow = GCH Dawnland Tabby’s Halifax
Blue = Irish Whisper Harry Potter
Red = Flat Rocks Gem +B+S


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