duagwyn nn gotta dance

Sire:  Dragonfly NT Nicholas Nickelby (Dragonfly HLU Nikola Tesla  x Dragonfly HLU Minerva)
 Dragonfly NT Penelope Waits 1*M (Dragonfly HLU Nikola Tesla x Sunnydale Farm ZM Cinnamon)

DOB: 09.11.18
Black with white poll
Extended pedigree at bottom of page

Before this girl was even all the way out of the birth canal (back feet first, no less), I knew she was mine. She just keep coming, and coming, and coming…she was almost two feet long from rear hooves to front hooves. This is one stretchy girl. I bred her parents because I am such a fan of the close linebreeding that produced Halo, between paternal half-siblings Nick and Portia. So, I asked myself, what would happen if I bred Nick to his other patenal half-sister, Penelope? Cyd is the result.

Penelope’s naming convention is…she doesn’t have a naming convention. I wait to meet the girl I’m keeping, then I wait to be inspired by her appearance. Emma was born in sleek black with a wide white belt and kicky white boots: sleek, sexy, sixties…Emma Peel. Andi was born months after we lost our beloved dowager duchess TwinCreeks HS Andromeda, looking much like her: Andromeda Rising. This girl was born long, lean, sleek, with black hair and wearing a diamond bracelet? Cyd Charisse. Watch the Gotta Dance sequence from Singing in the Rain if you don’t know what I mean…and you will.



extended pedigree

Pedigree Cyd


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