duagwyn SC The Angels’ Share

Sire: Flat Rocks Scaramouche (Flat Rocks Captain My Captain x Flat Rocks Bianca)
Dam: Duagwyn NN The Halo Effect 4*M (Dragonfly NT Nicholas Nickelby  x Dragonfly NT Quality of Mercy 3*M)

DOB: 08.10.2017
Cou blanc
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After Halo’s 2016 c-section to extract quintuplets, I resigned myself she wouldn’t kid again. This certainty became all the more painful when I watched her develop into a beautiful young doe, with well-balanced dairy strength and an impressive, capacious udder. Her surgeon warned me she would likely not conceive again, and, then, while baby Moosh was in with the does,…nature took her course.

I debated aborting her pregnancy, fearing she couldn’t safely take to term, not the stress on the healed surgical incision so much as the 8-inch tear the surgeon repaired in her uterus. He advised he saw no reason she shouldn’t kid normally, so I stayed my syringe…and fretted. Man, did I fret.

Not only did Halo kid safely, she delivered herself of three of yet-another five kids before I even arrived, all bearing their sire’s cou markings. Of the two girls she gave me, I decided to keep the cou blanc, Angel. So thrilled this Halo girl is with my herd. Angel is all the more precious since the sudden, inexplicable death of her young sire. Angel will show us the first Scaramouche udder, Pan willing, in the spring of 2019.

The angel’s share is the small percentage of alcohol that evaporates while spirits are matured in a cask, heavenward, payment to the angels for their help. We’re big single malt scotch fans here.






extended pedigree

Pedigree Angel

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