Flat Rocks Scaramouche

Sire: Flat Rocks Captain My Captain (Flat Rocks Captain Jack x Flat Rocks GInny Weasley)
Dam: Flat Rocks Bianca (Enchanted Hill Thomas Jefferson x Flat Rocks Ginn Fizz)

DOB: 07.22.16
Cou blanc
Extended pedigree at bottom of page

Scaramouche brings diversity to our herd, in the form of Enchanted Hill Thomas Jefferson, upon whom Moosh’s dam, Flat Rocks Bianca, is tightly likebred. We will get to see Moosh babies this year after all; Halo is confirmed settled by Moosh and expected to kid August 8ish.




IMG_4504 image


Extended Pedigree

Pedigree Moosh

* Our extended pedigrees track the three sires which are most influential on our herd.
Yellow = GCH Dawnland Tabby’s Halifax
Blue = Irish Whisper Harry Potter
Red = Flat Rocks Gem +B+S

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