Flat Rocks Mister Darcy

Sire: Flat Rocks Expecto Patronem (Irish Whisper Harry Potter x Flat Rocks Mythril Silver)
Dam: Flat Rocks HP Jaquard (Irish Whisper Harry Potter x Flat Rocks Tapestry)

DOB: 04.17.15
Silver, carrying black
Extended pedigree at bottom of page

We sent all the way to Texas for our third herd sire, a tight linebreeding on the great Irish Whisper Harry Potter, a dollop of Gladys Porter Zoo Leprechaun, and some of that Flat Rocks silver. Mister Darcy was in heavy rotation in the fall of 2015, and he sired seventeen kids here in 2016, each more elegant, long, and level than the next.

We’ll have to wait a while for a Darcy udder, but we expect great things. His daughters here are Andi, Lucy, and Rogue. In 2017, he will be bred to Zoe, and again to Penelope.


Photo: Sunni Milligan



IMG_4352 11156852_808699599237227_392230671_n



05.22.16: Trips, one buck, two does out of Duagwyn GR Emma Peel (see Rogue)
Quints again! three bucks, two does, out of Duagwyn NN The Halo Effect.
03.24.16:  Quints, three bucks, two does, out of Dragonfly NT Quality Of Mercy (see Lucy)
02.15.16:  Quads, two bucks, two does, out of Dragonfly NT Penelope Waits (see Andi)


Extended pedigree


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