“A buck is half your herd”, so the saying goes. If you’re going to breed a single buck to many does, over the course of generations of kids, then you want only the very best buck to do the breeding. His strengths and his weaknesses will be manifold in your breeding program.

When I began my Nigerian Dwarf goat journey in the summer of ’13, I swore up and down, “no bucks…ever”. That lasted exactly seven and a half months. Our bucks are young men now, chosen for their deep, proven pedigrees, from does with outstanding mammary systems in addition to their excellent conformation. We are very excited to watch them mature, and to meet their lovely get. In 2018, I kept a homebred buck for the first time, Duagwyn NN Ursa Minor. I couldn’t resist when I saw Andi’s first freshening udder and she gave me only two boys. Welcome to the big leagues, Bear.

For the 2020 kidding season, it is my intention to introduce AI to our breeding program.


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