Nigerian Dwarf Goats

How did we come to decide upon Nigerian Dwarf goats? The truth can finally be told…

I was driving home, on a lovely late summer day with deep green grass and clear blue sky. I drove past a homestead-type home to see…two furry cherubs grazing on the front lawn. Two tiny black and white goats.

My heart skipped a beat. I must have one. And that’s how it happened. Just like that. BAM. Love at first sight.

1309 Gwyn & Soph


I’m like that. I commit to a passion immediately, completely, and without reservation. It was so ridiculous, I didn’t tell my husband the story until after we’d committed to our first three goats. Who could have blamed him for not taking me seriously?!

Why Nigerians? I love the compact size of them, and the fact they give a surprising amount of milk for their size, with a very high percentage of butterfat. But, mostly, owning a Great Dane and now horses, I just wanted goats I could pick up. You try having a dog that outweighs you, and you’ll understand what I mean.

Our foundation goats are from Joanne Karohl at Dragonfly Farm, who has been the best and most patient of mentors, and we now have two bucks from Sunni Milligan at Flat Rock, in Texas.

See a chart of our maternal lines, at the bottom of this page.

1307 Andromeda



Maternal Lines at Duagwyn


Maternal Lines

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